054.- Purlsoho

De mano de La Maison Bisoux nos llega Purlsoho.We opened Purl in 2002 with the hope of creating a friendly yarn shop where people could gather and share each other’s creativity. In 2006 we opened Purl Patchwork, our fabric shop, just a few doors away from Purl. From the very beginning our customers have been the inspiring, energetic, funny heart of our business.We believe natural fibers are wonderful to work with. Supple, vibrant, and timeless, our natural materials contribute to memorable experiences. We carefully select the finest fibers for our yarn collection, from cotton, bamboo, silk and linen to warm alpaca, merino, and cashmere. We choose fabrics of heirloom quality cotton and diverse patterns. Contemporary prints, historical reproductions, elegant imports, and a rainbow of solid colors make our ever-changing collection a pleasure to present. Tienen agujas, libros, telas, hilos, revistas, accesorios, ….

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